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Who We Are

Homer Hops Brewing is a homegrown craft brewery and taproom located just minutes from the Village of Homer. Founded in 2018, we are committed to producing the finest hand-crafted beer using only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients. From the beer we brew to the musicians we support, to the sense of community we strive to cultivate, Homer Hops is a place for everyone. We look forward to raising a glass with you.

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The Team

All team members are friends and family that have deep rooted connections to the community, and are passionate about making great beer.


The Beginning

Nestled amidst rolling hills, dairy farms, and the occasional unsolved mystery, Homer might just be the perfect spot for our little brewery adventure. Picture this: it’s summer 2020, and amidst the picturesque scenery, Homer Hops Brewing opens its doors, ready to serve up some serious craft beer goodness to the locals.

But rewind a bit to 2015, when the seeds of our brewery dreams were first planted – quite literally. Co-owner Jason Kristof, armed with a homebrew kit courtesy of his thoughtful wife, began his brewing journey. Sure, there were a few bumps along the way (looking at you, chocolate peanut butter porter), but hey, practice makes perfect, right?


The Beer

In 2019, ground was broken on the Homer Hops farm, marking the beginning of our epic brewery journey. Today, our 3000-square foot brewery and taproom stand proudly on Route 90, welcoming beer enthusiasts from near and far to indulge in our handcrafted creations.

From hazy IPAs to rich stouts, our beer lineup is as diverse as our crew's tastes. Sip on favorites like "Mother's Day" IPA or savor the robust flavors of "Sweet Mama's Java" chocolate coffee stout. And for those craving something different, we've got you covered with a rotating selection of wines and ciders from fellow New York artisans.


The Community

But Homer Hops isn't just about the beer – it's about community. We believe in creating a space where locals and visitors can kick back, relax, and enjoy life's simple pleasures.


Life is local, life is family, and life is to be enjoyed. So come on down, grab a cold one, and soak up the laid-back vibes of our little corner of Homer. Because at Homer Hops Brewing, every sip tells a story – and we can't wait to share ours with you.


Cheers to good beer, good company, and great memories in the making!

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